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I am a personal brand consultant with extensive experience in branding, marketing, public relations, and events.

Jaclyn DiPaterio
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Before launching Ignite & Inspire, Jaclyn spent over 10 years as a first responder and surgical assistant. Once she realized her passion for marketing, she utilized her past experience and skills to help her clients succeed. Her mastered skills of quick problem-solving, individual care and attention, and multi-channel communication have bolstered her content marketing and digital strategy efforts. As a result, she has tripled the revenue for over a dozen clients while simultaneously overseeing multiple projects and events.
Being part of a community and helping others is another thing Jaclyn has maintained from her days as a first responder. Jaclyn believes in bringing communities together and is very active in civic and philanthropic organizations. Ignite & Inspire is proud to implement a transition program for first responders and veterans. We understand that leaving one career and entering another is a huge step and makes most feel unprepared. Ignite & Inspire can help ease the transition and prepare you for the next exciting chapter of your life. We consider it a privilege to offer our expertise and leadership while supporting our community. Each client has their own mission to give back in extraordinary ways, and we all believe it is only when we give back to the community that we can make our work truly meaningful.

Custom Strategy
Digital Growth


Multichannel Content Strategy

Be everywhere your audience is. Market your brand across an array of platforms to build trust between the consumer and your brand.

Digital Growth

The digital marketplace has given us a direct line of communication with millions of people across the globe. Reach a wider audience and increase your market value by implementing the right digital marketing strategies.

Event Coordination

Bring your brand and your audience together, under one roof. As your audience builds an emotional and real-time connection, we will handle all the logistical aspects of the event, from start to finish.

Athlete Branding & Marketing

Develop a long-lasting brand that maximizes your influence, impact, and earnings from the start, and well after the end of your professional playing career.

Public Relations

The voice behind your brand. We will build and promote your company's and its brand to facilitate an organic and trustworthy connection with your target audience.


Developing a brand is a vital component to building a successful business. When you’re creating a brand, you are developing the voice for your company’s story and the elements you will use to tell that story.

Veteran Outreach

Service member or business owner, your values remain the same. But the challenges are different. Let us help your business stand out as veteran-led.

Tactical Marketing

Bring your marketing strategies to life! We will develop and push a comprehensive content strategy tailored for the platforms most likely to reach your target audience.

Strategic Partnerships

Leverage our network and partner with brands that share your company's attributes and values for a wider audience reach and greater market exposure.

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